OpenPGP encryption

Our servers and your device encrypts everything they send to each other thanks to our home-made integration of the OpenPGP standard. Only the receiver of a message sent through the network can decrypt it. You keep your secret decryption key, we care about the rest.


Protected databases

Every information we keep is encrypted and stored on our protected database server which cannot be accessed via the Internet. Some data like passwords are hashed rather than encrypted, and cannot be decrypted at all.


Secured authentication

Our authentication system is designed to be both extremely secured and easy to use. We don't let you access your account until we're 100% sure about your identity. If you ever loose your secret key or password, you can't access any of your past messages anymore and your friends are notified that something went wrong.


no logs

No logs

Our system doesn't log anything about our users. We will never use your IP adress to identify you or your location, and the few cookies we use are destroyed everytime you disconnect.

secure post

Private posting

You choose who will see your posts. We encrypt them separately for each receiver so that your data remains safe. Public posts are sent encrypted, but stored as plain text.

no tracking

No ads

Today's major ads systems relies on tracking and retrieving user's personnal data. We don't want that. Our website is 100% free of ads and always will be. Our servers' cost is payed by donations.



Customizable profiles

You choose what to tell about you. Your profile can be anonymous, it can contain customized fields, you can make it visible only by your friends. And it's encrypted. Even your photo.

post content

Share everything you want...

You can post text, photos, videos, code, links to other websites, animated lolcats. Or everything at the same time. The only limit is 5 additional contents (plus text) by post.

toggle on/off

...or don't share anything

We plan on releasing more than just a social network. Every services we'll offer can be toggled on or off. You want to use our password manager but don't like the social part? No problem.